EPJ had an outstanding wedding season in 2012 and Loved how it ended.  An elopement. A seemingly more common trend these days it makes for a fun and spur of the moment type of shoot.  Kinda like Elopement itself. An elopement in some ways says “let’s run away from the HELDMAN_121214_062-2expectation of the world and seeing how far down this rabbit hole called Love really goes.” Btw…it goes far, really far…believe me. So for our last wedding clients of the year Kat & Kevin, they just needed it to be the three of them, the bride and groom and their teenage son, and a dope’67 Ford LTD in front of the courthouse. HELDMAN_121214_119Despite the rainy Friday afternoon in "Sunny San Diego" we managed to have a great time, warm spirits and made some really great images. Congratulations Kat & Kevin! [gallery type="rectangular" columns="5" link="file" ids="1081,1047,1048,1050,1049,1051,1052,1053,1054,1056,1057,1058,1059,1060,1061,1062,1063,1064,1065,1066,1067,1068,1069,1070,1071" orderby="rand"] [polldaddy poll=6796698]

One of our favorite little yoga studios is Bindu yoga in Del Mar.  And owner, Bethany Orheim, is not only a lovely woman, business owner and yoga instructor but also about to be a Mama!  Below are a few images from our maternity shoot with her.  Congratulations Bethany!


ORHEIM_121222_042-2 ORHEIM_121222_045 ORHEIM_121222_047BW ORHEIM_121222_050ORHEIM_121222_041


Thanks – giving… two words crammed together, to create a new word and used to describe a reason to honor your world and the people around you.

Such an incredible name for a holiday, no matter what your belief is this holiday suggests taking a full day to come together and celebrate some of the most important things we need in our life: food, family, friends, and indeed, our efforts to live gratefully.  Since I live in Encinitas I added my breath to the list and set out to find a studio to do yoga on a day when traditionally nearly all businesses are closed.

But several studios offered classes on Thanksgiving, a service I am grateful for, but one studio in particular caught my eye. Core Power Yoga Encinitas, cancelled all their classes today in an effort to allow it’s employees to be with their loved ones…all classes but one.  A donation only class, led by Josh Blatter, with all proceeds going to Off The Matt Into The World Seva Challenge.

That idea resonated strongly for me on this day of Thanks and giving.  Taking a little time to honor yourself and thank those people around you that help to make a more compassionate and loving world, and then giving a little to an organization committed to ending sex trafficking in the world.

The class was packed!  A heated class where Josh mixed Core Power’s set flows creating a vinyasa special for today.  A message to practice not only giving thanks but being able to receive thanks.  That receiving thanks can sometimes be challenging.  Receiving thanks can be a light of truth that is reflected inward, said Josh.  ”Our physical body is a conduit for energy in and out.  If we just receive and never give we become constipated, energetically.  If we always give and never receive we stay empty.  Give thanks by receiving it and allow yourself to fill up.  Fill up so youcan open to grace.”

As guest adjustors floated through class giving some individual attention strong sense of thankful community flowed.  Several people left class offering out to the ethos their appreciation for such a great class.

EPJ recently had the pleasure photograph Josh. He wanted to see photos a little different and asked us to break out of our typical mode of nature and beach yoga photography and shoot him in an urban style.  We are always looking to increase our understanding of our craft, so one afternoon Micaela and I set out for downtown San Diego.  The shoot went great and the challenge of a new environment was super fun.  Thanks Josh for allowing us to Document Your Journey.  And thank you to the community of Encinitas for making this compound word holiday a way of life.


In differential calculus an inflection point is a point on a curve where the curve changes sign.  That is a point where at least one of the values will equal zero.  Its a snapshot.

A point on a graph where a curve is frozen.  Frozen in time before the curve becomes a positive number or a negative number.  Spring itself is an inflection point.  A temporal change from the frozen times of winter to increasingly warmer days and longer nights.  Its also a metaphor of rebirth.  Leaves budding on trees, bees start pollinating flowers, babies start running around, and graduations begin to happen en masse.


All of these are a time when life sets one part of itself to zero and takes off from there.  Something finishes and something starts. Something usual, typical, and consistent in your life changes and you realize an inflection point.

Someone you know may have finished their school program or maybe you finished a Yoga Teacher Training. And now you are ready to step forward with new skills into life’s asymptote (ok, last math metaphor…promise).  Possibly the journey of your high schooler is now finished and as they spend the summer preparing to leave your nest you have a moment to notice that part of your life will reset to zero.  And with a little space of breathe, you realize that not only will your life change after this spring but your child’s life has reached a milestone.

Or maybe its even more simple and you recently had a morning where your child slept in and you had a moment to enjoy a morning to yourself, walking through your home, looking at pictures of you, your family, seeing your home, and giving yourself space to set intentions in your life.  Spring is a time to express or acknowledge new skills or realizations you’ve just had.  Or, it’s a time to set intentions.

EPJ has been honored to Document The Journey of several families and people’s personal journeys this spring.

As we all prepare to move into summer, take time to honor your inflection points and call or email us to help you, Document Your Journey.

Peace|Love|Gratitude to you and your upcoming summer.

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With a collective inhale….and exhale…more than 350 yoga practitioners were led by 5 of San Diego’s premier yoga instructors (Bethany OrheimBindu Yoga StudioLauren Duke – Yoga At BergamontNikki KrauseCore PowerJenn RichardsonIndie YogaCarla StockalperYoga Tropicswhile they twisted, partnered, and breathed together with the intention to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence prevention program in San Diego schools and communities.

The event is called LIVE IT and takes place every year during sexual assault awareness month in April and is the social action project for Jeans 4 Justice.  A San Diego based non profit with the purpose of empowering people with the skills and tools to prevent sexual violence.

LIVE IT is a series of five fundraisers centered around personal challenges and expressions sessions that include climbing, dance, skydiving, spoken word, and yoga.  Individuals and organizations are inspired to create teams that not only fundraise but offer a structure to participate in workshops, coaching, and an outlet to LIVE your personal challenge.

EPJ is grateful to help Document the Journey of some 350 Yogis, Jeans 4 JusticeVuori ClothingNika WaterPitaya PlusZico Pure Coconut WaterAsana Foods, and NuttZo.  Led by Vuori Clothing they raised nearly $13,000 for Jeans 4 Justice.  Nice work Yoga Peeps!

Click this link to see the pictures.  Please share them with others and if you choose to buy an image 50% of the proceeds go to Jeans 4 Justice.

Peace*Love & LIVE IT!

Micaela and Todd

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Your lovely mama’s day is just around the corner (Sun May 13th) and Epic is offering a special Love Your Mama portrait package. Give your mama something extra special this year: a fun and creative photo shoot with her most favorite person in the world- You!

Contact us for more info here. Gift certificates are available 🙂

Peace, Love & Mama’s